Fall is here, technically speaking, though most days still feel like summer. The apples and walnuts are dropping off the trees at the girls' school and the leaves are starting to change.
Chloe, Phoebe and Naomi have settled back into the school schedule and seem happy with their new teachers. For Chloe and Phoebe their morning Spanish teachers speak no english at all, (last year they had bilingual teachers in the morning), but they both seem to be doing really well with it. Naomi's morning teacher also only speaks Spanish, but this is no different from last year.
Naomi is in the jardín which has a 3 year old class, a 4 year old class, and a 5 year old class. She is in the oldest group and since it is a separate building she is enjoying being a "big cheese"!

The teachers in the public schools here are on strike and they sit outside in the square all day singing, chanting and marching with drums down the streets. The facilities they teach in are in incredible disrepair and the different grades have to share classrooms due to space problems. We're very aware of them every day, as they protest in Centro Civico right outside our building.

Mike and I have buckled down with our work now that the kids are back in school. Mike is pushing his way through another issue of "The Boxcar Children's Mysteries" comic book, and keeping up with our web comics, "The People That Melt in The Rain", and "Who's Kicking Who's Ass Now?". I've been commissioned to illustrate a picture book called "Jack, John, and June at the Musical Tree", from Purple Pickle Publishing, which is still in the sketch/layout phase. I'm also very busy with my web comics, "The Horribles", "Who's Kicking Who's Ass Now?", and "The People That Melt in The Rain".

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