Under the Southern Sun

As I write this it's Halloween night in the United States. Halloween is not celebrated here (though the girls had small parties in their English classes), and dressing up in scary costumes and going door to door shouting "Trick or Treat" will likely terrify our neighbors and possibly get us arrested.
It's beautiful outside and the sun is shining... all the time.

Sunrise over the lake

 It rises at 6:15 am, shining in my face through the window and sets at 8:45 at night. Every Saturday all hopes to sleep in are dashed.  Summer is rapidly approaching and school is wrapping up for the girls. Every day I spend about 40 minutes translating their communication notebooks from their teachers and discover a plethora of school functions we need to attend. School picture day is next week, which would have been great in the beginning of the year, but now their uniforms are very worn out and in Naomi's case hopelessly stained.
I spent most of this month assisting Mike by drawing backgrounds for the Boxcar Children comic books. He was working on a very tight deadline for them and needed all the help he could get. I did get tired of drawing with a ruler, though.
This week I've started working with my spanish tutor, Betina, on translating a comic book series I wrote, called "The People That Melt in the Rain". Starting next month we'll be launching the English and Spanish versions as web comics. It's the story of a girl named Laura who moves to a small town in the mid-west, that happens to be under a terrible curse. Mike drew it and has done a beautiful job. Meanwhile my comic strip "The Horribles" is off to a great start!
I've found a place where the girls can take swim class for the summer. They offer a number of summer camps as well... so no laying about driving Mommy crazy! Unlike school these activities will be totally in spanish, but the girls are ready and have amazing comprehension now.
November is here now and Phoebe's birthday is coming soon, then Christmas and Hannukah and summer break all at once! Chau todos!

Be sure and check out the upcoming chapter of "The Horribles"
at http://www.TheHorribles.SmackJeeves.com


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