Cruise to the islands

We took another local tour about week ago and I'd thought I'd share some photos. We went on a boat out to a unique forest called Bosque de Arrayanes. The trees have an amazing look to them it's truly an enchanted forest. Then we headed over to a big island called Victoria Island for lunch and hiking
Here we are boarding the boat.

Mike and Chloe posing onboard. as you can see the journey across the lake was incredibly beautiful.

Here we are disembarking for the forest.

Chloe and Phoebe on the walkway.
Mike and the girls in the forest.
This is a point where the walkway had collapsed.
Phoebe picked some flowers... this is apparently breaking the rules in the national parks, but we didn't know.
Here's a good one of the trees. These trees usually grow alone on the beach and never get this big, which makes this a completely unusual forest.

After the forest we boarded the boat and headed off to Victoria Island.
This is the bay at Victoria Island.
Here's our boat leaving after dropping us off. Naomi was unaware that it would be coming back in 3 hours and stood on the shore screaming "Come back!", waving frantically.

She cheered up when we found this little" Island Cat".

This is on one of the many hiking trails.
After hiking and some lunch, the kids played on the beach.

Here's Naomi on the dock while we wait for the boat home.

These seabirds follow all the tour boats and people hand feed them crackers.

The city is exciting, but it's great to leave for a day and see what else there is to see. It's amazing to live in such a beautiful place.
On Monday, Mike will return to New York for his interview at the Argentine embassy in New York City (no they can't interview him here.) So It's just me and the girls for the next two weeks. They start school on March 3rd at a nice bilingual school called Colejio Del Sol. So I need to get school supplies, school uniforms and finish the fun process of enrollment, and Mike gets to return to New York in the dead of winter!


Sandra Kent said…
I enjoyed your family pictures of having fun together.

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