On the mower pondering our "rash" decision

Today I mowed our massive three acre yard. Perched on our careening mower, I felt like I was bulldozing the rain forest as everything from toads to mice to baby bunnies scurried from my path of destructive order. I hate mowing as the ground is extremely bumpy and filled with subtle inclines. This is not something I'll miss I muttered over and over all afternoon. Then I 'd cruise onto a nice even patch at the top of my yard where I could see a majestic view of the catskill mountains, and overhead an eagle cried out as it soared gracefully past....well maybe I will miss this.

We've broken the news of our planned move to some of our family and friends. There's been a huge range of reactions. Most of our friends have been supportive and encouraging. Some have suggested trying it themselves, others are just sad that we're leaving but have encouraged us none the less. Family members have been a different story. My father in-law's wife was very angry, and yelled at us. Mike's aunt doesn't think we can handle this and called us "rash". My Aunt and Uncle found my blog and told my other aunt and uncle.... They were excited for our adventure ahead and hoped to visit us in Brazil. You only live once! (Unless the Hindus are right).


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