Just one extra day....

Well, it happened again... A Nor'easter hits on the last day of my kids' eternal school break, and they're still home. At least they're not trying to kill each other today, and I did actually made some significant progress on plotting and illustrating my graphic novel this week.
I walked down to the end of my driveway this morning to get the paper. Really I should say I waded down, through a foot of really wet slush that was up to my shins in some places. It's such a disgusting mess outside. I had to change my clothes when I got back... The paper wasn't even worth it.
Mike's birth certificate has come and he applied for his passport on Friday. I think I'll be holding my breath, though, till I have all five passports in hand.
One of the goldfish already died this week (I think it was Goldie). I went out and bought them a big fish bowl with a filter so of course one of them immediately kills itself by swimming in the filter and getting stuck. The kids were sad but got over it quickly...
We're going on the Boston bus trip with the Girl Scouts next week. First stop is the Boston aquarium and then to Quincy Market. I've lived in the northeast my whole life and have never been to Boston (except to drop off Mike's mother at the airport). Anyway we're pretty excited. I'm glad we'll see some of the city before we leave for Curitiba.

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