The Pet Convention

On Saturday we decided to head over to the "Pet Expo" at the Phoenix University Stadium (mostly because we were running low on free samples of pet food that I picked up from the last festival).

We brought Oscar because the website said we could.

We went down and down and down.

It was like a lot of conventions with many booths.

Except there were also A LOT of dogs.

This was the only cat we saw walking around though.

 We did see a hairless dog sitting on her little throne.

They asked if I'd like to pet her, so I did.  It was like petting a slightly sweaty person.

There was also an agility course to watch dogs bound around.

In the back of the stadium was a dog diving demonstration.

Naomi loved watching them, but when I went close to watch I got soaked!

I learned something important though.  Apparently this famous cat, aka Grumpy Cat, is local to the area, and he's just signed a deal with Friskies cat food.  


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