San Pedro and The Film Fest

Friday morning we woke, we packed and we drove, and drove through the desert, into some rolling mountains furry with brown grass, past a thousand windmills in Palm Springs, and into the stop and go traffic of Los Angeles.  On the way in, billboards lined the highway in stark contrast the the emptiness of the desert, including one billboard that featured a happy couple exclaiming "Billboards are cool!".
We finally arrived at our usual destination for this time of year…. The HP Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, CA. 

Outside the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro
Cthulu greets Festival goers in the lobby.
We stayed at the cookie hotel (A Doubletree close to the water and the boats). It was nice to be on the waterfront... And even nicer to have an awesome balcony!

I love a place with a view....

 The girls were glad to be back in L.A. as it was quite a bit cooler than Phoenix.

A few years ago I took a photo of this guy, " The dinosaur lurking behind the gate." In the last year he's gone from rusted to a shiny green color with a fantastic new look.

After 2 days of selling books and art in the lobby, and helping our friend Cody perform another Cthulu Prayer Breakfast, Mike went onstage to participate in the Pickman's Apprentice drawing competition....

In just one hour the artists were asked to create a drawing based on a theme chosen by the audience members.
The chosen theme was "Willy Tsathoggua's Chocolate Factory". Tsathoggua is a creepy toad creature from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

This is Mike's finished drawing.  He didn't win this time, but the art will be up in a gallery in San Pedro for the next few weeks.

It was a nice weekend and now that we live so far from the ocean it was great to be by the water. A new candy shop opened across from the theater.  After a weekend of no, no, no...I caved and we filled a bag of gummy thingys for the journey home. 


Hen Jen said…
wow, I loved the drawing, I really liked all the brown!
He was working really hard up there on stage. I'm biased but I think he should have won. :)

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