Into the great wide open....

Wednesday morning was the day we left into the great wide open desert, towards San Diego.  Yes, like thousands of other people we flocked to San Diego for the big one....  No, not the earthquake, the biggest comic con in North America.

And it was really.... Huge.  Crowded. Busy. 

When people read about comic con in San Diego they usually show photos like this.  Where you can see the floor, and I don't mean you can see the exhibit floor, I mean here in this photo you can see the carpet, and there seems to be some personal space for these different individuals.

This is the "Ice King" (well, his head) from Adventure Time.  This is what comic con is really like.  People standing shoulder to shoulder, shuffling along.  I took this photo by holding my camera way up over my head.  There is no personal space, no where to sit, no where to decompress, unless you have a booth where you can hide for awhile.
Anyway, this is a dinosaur.

This is a dinosaur in line at the cafe.

The Creature from The Black Lagoon.

And these guys from the Monster's University movie that Mike and Naomi went to see a few weeks ago, when it premiered.

Anyway, my appearances were all at the Cartoon Art Museum booth where I drew for attendees, along with some other amazingly talented artists.  Mike was running around to signings, interviews, and panels, and also drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum.

When you visit a place that you once called home it becomes a marathon of driving around trying to see everyone, if only for an hour.

The girls made extensive plans with school friends.

   ...And all of us needed to spend some time with family. Oscar came along and met everyone, he also got  an afternoon on Dog Beach. Where he managed to avoid the waves and some of the dripping wet dogs by sitting at my feet with guarded excitement.  He didn't manage to avoid the fleas and I spent much of the next day running back and forth to Petsmart, getting him a flea dip and some flea drops.

    Sunday afternoon at 3pm we headed back to Phoenix. Crossing the desert at night means your windshield fills with the tiny corpses of flying insects. This time we were peering through a very small clear spot for miles before we reached a service area where we could clean it off and plow forward to start a new collection. We arrived in the city late last night with 3 tired kids, 2 exhausted adults, and 1 happy, but itchy dog.

  This morning I rolled out of bed at 6am and drove Phoebe to clay camp in Deer Valley. It's at a real artist's ceramic studio out in the desert with a big black cat weaving his way through the half finished sculptures and broken clay pots littering the floor. Outside under the trees you can see chickens running around, kicking up dust. I hope she makes something interesting.



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