The Festival of Creativity

Two of my kids were on Spring Break last week while one of them, Chloe, is on break this week. This makes coordinating a vacation impossible, so we went out here and there and tried to make it interesting ( I guess you call it a "staycation" but that always sounds so stupid). On Thursday we went to the "Festival of Creativity" at the Mesa Arts Center.

This band playing under a giant blimp with a face greeted us as we entered.

As we walked through the promenade we saw that someone had knitted some snug wrappings for all the trees.  Poor trees, it was 93ºF out that day!

My kids were "starving" so we immediately got some food and settled down in front of the dinosaur show. 

We brought Oscar, who plopped down next to us and watched the crowd.  It's a new experience for us to have such a well behaved dog (our last dog was such a wild one compared to him.)

This is a man with a baby dinosaur..... puppet. 

The group was from Australia, and was hilarious, and entertaining and knew a lot about dinosaurs! This one is an ancient dragonfly.  I for one am glad they're not this big anymore. 

Even though they were puppets they moved so smoothly and looked so realistic, it was easy for the kids in the audience to forget.

In the end they brought out a juvenile sized T-Rex.  He roared and stomped about, it was pretty cool.

As you can see he has feathers, which makes him a more current design.  In this photo you can see the puppeteer.  Still an amazing show.  

After that we walked around a bit. There was A LOT to see.

These very colorful people moved VERY SLOWLY through the crowd.

 There were also these white people slow walking their way around.

Sometimes the white ones would stop and pose.

Actually there were interesting characters everywhere you looked, and which one does my daughter, Chloe, come running to find me and bring me to see?  The Rasta guy playing in the band with dreadlocks down to his knees! Teenagers are so silly.

Phoebe and Naomi took the time to add to the community landscape art pieces they were building.

After that they headed down to the courtyard.

Where Naomi constructed a guitar while the sun set.

Activities didn't end at sunset though, things started lighting up like this optic eyeball art piece.

 Which was very beautiful on the inside.  However my oldest daughter still had school the next day so we headed home.  The Mesa Arts Center sure knows how to put on a festival!


Kate said…
That is just so neat!

This was the best festival we've been to is so long! I love this kind of thing, because it's usually all free, except for food and drinks.
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Tonja said…
This is cool!

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